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Meet The Team


Stephen is the main operator at Urban Botanica, running both front of house and behind the scenes. With over 10 years working in the coffee industry, including four years working for Bradley and Amelia at Horsham Coffee Roaster, Urban Botanica is the product of a long discussed partnership, culminating in Stephen designing and founding the shop, that has now become a beloved part of the local community.

Amelia is the co-founder of Horsham Coffee Roaster. Amelia oversees and maintains the financial side of the business whilst regularly liaising with customers. She makes sure everyone gets paid on time and is actively involved in supporting the producers in Rwanda that Horsham Coffee works with.


Bradley is the co-founder of Horsham Coffee Roaster. His main role is to over-see the day-to-day operations, the roasting and the long term plans for the roastery. As a licensed Arabica Q-grader Bradley plays a big part in the sourcing and selecting of our coffees at origin.